The BNB online boutique has migrated away for a lil' while, but don't worry, we'll be back once it's warmer for our feathers! In the meantime, we have a LOT of new fashion in our Oakwood Square store in Canton, at 2680 Easton St NE 44721. Make sure to follow us at

Crossbody Canvas Bag with Cute Clasp and Starburst Design


Cute Crossbody Woven Canvas and Hair on Hide Shoulder Bag, at Bird’s Nest Boutique & Decor Oakwood Square Plaza in Plain Township, Northeast Ohio. Fly in to visit us at 2680 Easton St NE, Canton, OH, if you’re in the Buckeye State, Northeast Ohio. We’d love to show you high fashion at low prices, at our family-owned nest!

Measures approximately 12in wide x 10in tall x 22in shoulder

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