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Pumpkin Spice, 100% Natural 8.5oz Soy Cotton Wick Candle in an Amber Sealed Glass Jar


Pumpkin Spice, 100% Natural 8.5oz Soy Cotton Wick Candle in an Amber Sealed Glass Jar, at Bird’s Nest Boutique & Decor Oakwood Square Plaza in Plain Township, Northeast Ohio. Fly in to visit us at 2680 Easton St NE, Canton, OH, if you’re in the Buckeye State – Northeast Ohio!

These cotton-wick natural soy candles smell so good you’ll want to eat them — but don’t eat them — we’ve been told you’re supposed to burn them by lighting the natural cotton wick and enjoying the scent (but who makes up these rules, anyway). But hey, we’re not going to tell you how to enjoy your candles, what do we know… some of us (allegedly) ate Play-Doh when we were younger, and sort of turned out OK, I guess. To be continued…

So what does this clean burning hand-poured (we didn’t use our feet) pumpkin spice candle smell like? Well, forget bland pumpkin, that would make a horrible-smelling scented candle – this is spicy! Nuh uh, not here, we went the premium route. No siree, this pumpkin spice candle gets inspiration from the aroma of fresh pumpkin pie, accentuated by hops and nutmeg, for a cooling-on-the-counter euphoric scent. With crisp spicy notes, paired with nature’s most robust bursts of clove, cinnamon, and vanilla goodness, this is like a Thanksgiving feast sealed up in an amber glass jar.

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