Everything we do is focused on bringing YOU the most amazing fashion at even more amazing-er prices! For nearly 15 years we’ve had a unique policy that has ensured our quality, style and prices are unbeatable…

That secret ingredient is that our sales are final. The good news is our policy has worked so well to keep our prices low, our nesters are thanking us now! While other boutiques have built-in hidden surcharges on every item to cover returns and damages, at Bird’s Nest Boutique & Decor we keep it real, so we can keep it real-ly affordable FOR YOU. We don’t have to worry about items coming back in unsellable condition, which means YOU don’t have to worry about wearing someone’s stretched out soppy seconds with lipstick, mascara, and deodorant on it.

it's all good in the nestErhood

Have no fear or hesitation purchasing on our site, we take the time to get personally and extremely familiar with the size, fitment, and overall quality or our fashion, so you don’t have to worry about a thing… You’ll love your BNB fashion, and after so many years, we’re committed more than ever to serving beautiful birds like YOU that love picking out beautiful twigs online or in-store to build their fashionable nests!